Construction Site Preparation in Arizona

Before your construction project can get underway, the site needs to be properly cleared and prepped. Hammer Tech Rock Breakers Inc. offers land clearing and site preparation services for construction crews and developers, so they can get to work quickly on the project at hand. When you choose our team for construction site preparation in Arizona, you can be certain you’re getting swift and complete services that set the foundation for your impending development.

Land Clearing

Our construction prep services start with land clearing. We’ll remove all existing construction, foliage and installations from the site to ensure there’s nothing obstructing it from future development. This also includes excavation for underground debris. We’re committed to ensuring the final site is safe for redevelopment and free of any obstacles that might otherwise set construction back.

Preparation and Grading

Not only do we clear land, we can also grade it for you! This helps eliminate obstacles and gives you a clean site to work from upfront. We’re happy to consult with you about how you need the land graded and can work to meet those parameters so your tract of land is ready for construction right out of the gate.

Specialty Site Prep

While other contractors may provide site preparation in Arizona, few have the capabilities to tackle rougher terrain. We can grade on hillsides and in mountainous terrain, ensuring you’ve got a flat surface ready to work with from the get-go. We cultivate land for residential home development projects and can work in virtually any environment you may need us to.

The Best in Site-Prep Service

Construction companies and developers choose Hammer Tech Rock Breakers Inc. because we offer the total package when it comes to site prep, excavation and grading. Our number one goal is to ensure your site is ready for development, and we’ll do what it takes to get there. Contact us today at 928-649-1862 to learn more about our abilities or to discuss your site prep needs with a seasoned member of our team.