Land Clearing in Arizona

If you’ve got a tract of land that needs to be developed, the first step is land clearing in Arizona. Hammer Tech Rock Breakers Inc. is ready, willing and able to assist you in clearing and prepping that land for whatever the future may have in store for it. Whether its excavating services for mountain estates or a commercial site, our land clearing services are second to none, and we take the time to ensure our approach is thorough and encompassing.


If your plot of land is previously undeveloped and in its natural state, we provide rock removal, ground-level clearing, grubbing and excavating services to contractors and developers. Our team will evaluate the site and carefully execute a proper site preparation plan which typically includes the removal of trees, shrubs, and cactus, as well as large rocks. We specialize in earth excavation and grading which includes rock breaking, excavating, trenching, leveling, rock demolition, removal of large boulders, site leveling and anything that may impede the construction process. We reduce everything to development-ready land, so you can proceed in a timely fashion with your project.


If your land has previously been developed, call us to remove whatever may already exist on-site. From large boulders, concrete pads, to rock slabs—whatever is on the land that needs to be removed, count on us to make it disappear. We do it right the first time, with decades of experience we are able to execute the land clearing process quickly and thoroughly, so you can forge ahead with the site development project you’re undertaking.


As a value-additive service, we also provide land grading services whenever we undertake a land clearing project. Instead of having to call an additional grading contractor in Arizona, you can count on our team to grade the land to your specifications. Or, if you’re mid-development and have a need for grading services, we’re able to provide them in a pinch. Our goal is to help your project progress on time and within budget.

Complete Land Clearing Services

No matter what stands between you and the development of your land, trust Hammer Tech Rock Breakers Inc. to take care of it. We’ll remove natural growths and existing developments alike from your land, to clear it for future use. And, with grading services as part of our repertoire of offerings, you’ll be able to get to work quicker with us on the job.

Contact our experienced land clearing team today by calling 928-649-1862 and let us know the scope of your needs. We’re ready to get on-site and get to work!